Less Software Participation at Dreamforce 2010

Newport Beach, CA – Less Software (www.lesssofware.com) is pleased to announce their attendance to Dreamforce 10’, the Cloud Computing Event of the year! This year, Less Software will be participating as a Silver sponsor. At Dreamforce, Less Software will be exhibiting their Supply Chain Management Service. Dreamforce is put on by Salesforce, and is their annual user and developer conference. Dreamforce 2010 will take place December 6-9, 2010. More than 20,000 fans are anticipated to gather in San Francisco for the 8th annual Dreamforce event. Dreamforce features seminars on the latest technological advances in Salesforce apps, the force.com platform, and cloud computing.

As a Silver Sponsor, Less Software will showcase their on-demand Supply Chain Management Application that serves to better the effectiveness of obtaining, managing, and selling inventory by allowing customers to heighten their visibility and manage their logistics and order fulfillment procedures.

Less Software will be available at the Dreamforce conference to connect, share, and educate participants of Dreamforce 2010 how Supply Chain Management can be utilized in Salesforece.com in a faster and more effective manner.

To find out more information about Less Software, you can contact Mike Flanagan at 866-603-1454 or email at info@LessSoftware.com. You can also find Less Software on the web at http://www.lesssoftware.com.

About Less Software:
Less Software strives to provide excellence to their clients in the form of their on-demand Supply Chain Management Applications. Less Software’s Supply Chain Management Applications are user friendly, efficient, and perform in a timely manner to provide order-fulfillment, supplier inventory and warehouse management. Less Software assists clients in increasing their exposure and streamline and manage their inventory procedures. Less Software’s clients benefit from more accurate data, improved service levels and lower overhead.

About Salesforce Dreamforce Event:
The 8th annual Dreamforce event takes place December 6-9, in San Francisco, CA. The Dreamforce conference is four days of networking, training, demonstrations and engaging lectures on new advances in the ever changing field of cloud computing. Sure to impress, you don’t want to miss this innovative event. To find out more information on the Dreamforce event 2010 please visit http://www.dreamforce.com.